A Story Cafe | The Three Billy Goats Gruff

I've been thinking about traditional tales lately, so this Story Cafe is based on The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  I chose the version by Nick Sharratt and Stephen Tucker, as the illustrations are simple, the story is gently rhyming, and there are added flaps for interest and to promote talk.

Invitations to Play
I laid out the tuff spot with duplo bricks and larger tiles for bridge building, and some animals to trip trap over the bridges.

A Story Cafe | Walking in a winter wonderland

It's nearly Christmas, so this Story Cafe, we are reading Walking in a Winter Wonderland by Tim Hopgood.  It is very simply the song lyrics, beautifully illustrated.  But it got me thinking about all things Wintery - snowflakes, dressing up warm, mittens, pine trees, snow, the robin, the fox and the owl.

We set up some wintry "invitations to play" - decorating the Christmas trees, small world on the tuff spot, white playdough with shaped cutters, and white pom poms with tweezers to pick up and move about.

HALLOWEEN | Spooky story-telling

I've been sent some spooky games to play in the run up to Halloween - Scary Bingo and Ghost Story Dice.

Loads of fun with monsters and crazy creatures in this bingo game with a difference.  The box contains 8 double-sided game cards, 48 game chips for covering over the monsters you have matched, a cardboard monster head to store the game chips in and 48 monster cards.  Cover all the monsters on your card first to win.  Great for all ages and as a family game.

The Ghost Story Dice box contains 9 dice, each with 6 different story images, and a little booklet naming the pictures.  Roll the dice and make up a spooky tale of knights and ghosts with an invisibility cloak, a book of spells, a candle, dungeon, owl, wand and haunted house.  This one is for slightly older children (5 and up).

Here's what you get...

Family games play a big part in children's literacy, and for the younger ones, describing the different monsters in the bingo game, their colours, shapes and characteristics, will help to build vocabulary.  And the Story, which incidentally come ion lots of other themes, are perfect for older children to begin to make up their own stories.

[Thanks to the publishers Laurence King for sending me these games]

Book Review | The British Museum

Nosy Crow publishers have teamed up with the British Museum to create these really different picture books for young children, introducing early concepts, and using stunning images of objects and artefacts in the British Museum collections.

Mixed up masterpieces takes images of museum pieces and puts them together in a flip-flap, mix-up, sturdy board book where the faces can be mixed and matched or put back together in up to 2000 combinations!  It's a great way to explore art from around the world.

Book Review | Hortense and the Shadow

Hortense and the Shadow by Natalia and Lauren O'Hara

This is a gorgeous hardback debut picture book from sisters Natalia and Lauren O'Hara.  Natalia is the author and Lauren is the illustrator and they've used stories told to them by their Polish grandmother as inspiration.  The illustrations are stunning and although it is not written in rhyming text, you feel it is as it flows lyrically along through the pages.

Storytelling games

We've been playing with story telling.  It's a really important part of literacy, even at age 0-5.  The very youngest children need to learn how to be creative, critical thinkers, working out what might happen next in a story, or filling in a missing rhyming word, or thinking of an ending or describing a character.

We can read stories together and look at books together, but TELLING a story without a book is a different skill.

So we've been playing with a game called Animals at Home, and with some space and fairy tale storytelling dice.

In the Woods by Thereza Rowe

I've been sent In the Woods by Thereza Rowe, from Thames and Hudson.

Book Review | Dogger

Dogger by Shirley Hughes

Shirley Hughes is 90 this year and Dogger, one of her best loved picture books, is 40!  We read Dogger when my children were little, and over 40 years of publication, I expect thousands of children have shared this magical tale of a little boy who loses his most treasured possession and becomes re-united with it at the end of the story.

Dogger belongs to Dave.  But one day Dave loses Dogger.  He really wants him back, and with the help of his big sister Bella, he gets him back.

This special 40th anniversary edition of Dogger is in paperback with a CD version of the story read by Olivia Coleman.  It's also been published as a special hardback edition with a letter from Shirley Hughes and an extra special illustrated story all about Shirley Hughes and her storytelling at the back of the book.

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[Thanks to the publishers Penguin Random House for sending me Dogger]

A Story Cafe | Mr Big

We shared Mr Big by Ed Vere at Story Cafe today.

We shared the story on the carpet - Mr Big sat on my lap - a giant cuddly gorilla.  Lots of the children are off to big school in September so we're reading about friendship today.

dot | the happy mag for preschoolers

dot.  My daughter loves design and follows and researches all things designy online.  She came across this the other day and knew it would interest me.  It's a magazine for under 5's and is refreshingly advert-free and brand-free.

Here's what they say about themselves

"DOT encompasses all aspects of a child’s life, from jumping in puddles to learning through play. It encourages kids to be resourceful and find solutions using all the tools they naturally have at their disposition: imagination, creativity and fun."

This is dot.  dot sent me volume 7 of the magazine to have a look and to tell you about.  Volume 7 called "The farm issue", and here's dot driving a tractor.

Simple illustrations make the objects and animals easy for very young children to identify, and the small amount of text means there is lots to talk about on the pages.  We find out about the animals - goats like to nibble rose bushes, trees and even shoes!!  Did you know that?

And we learn that sunflowers are grown for their seeds to make oil, and for feeding the birds.

There's even singing with Old MacDonald...

Simple prompts help with talking about the illustrations - although I would prefer to see more open-ended questions rather than the typical closed colours and numbers questions.  We could talk about what it might feel like to be outside in the field in winter, or what we think the pigs like about the autumn.

dot is 32 pages long and they really have packed a lot in.  There are other types of illustrations - the cartoon about Mr and Mrs Twig where Mr Twig learns to ride a bike, an imaginary scene with rainbows and aliens and an odd one out page.  They've even added a really simple make using toilet roll tubes to make a farm animal.  Oh and I've just noticed the joke page at the end.

This is great for all ages from 0-5 - point to the animals and say their names and make their sounds with babies, and 5 year olds will love the jokes and cartoons.

For more see dot's website here.

[thanks to the publishers anorak for sending me a copy of dot for review]

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Picture books about | Potty Training

Inspired to write this as there are lost of picture books out there to help very young children understand about potty training.  Something for children and parents to share at this time.

Here are some of my favourites:

Some useful links with ideas for picture books to read:

  • and a link to a selection of potty training titles available in Norfolk Libraries - here
for more story inspiration:


We shared Sunk! by Rob Biddulph at Story Cafe today.

We shared the story on the carpet - I had a big bag to show the children - but what was in it?  All my pirate dressing up staff - so I pulled out of the bag and put on a pirate hat, a big belt, a bandana, a pirate flag, an eye patch, and then out came my treasure box full of gold and silver.  We read the story - props included garden stick puppets of penguin blue, Captain walker plank and the sunken ship, and a map of the seven seas.

Book Review | June 17 | Alfie and Dad

Alfie and Dad by Shirley Hughes

A collection of short stories from absolute classic author / illustrator Shirley Hughes.

BOOK REVIEW | May 17 | my new room

my new room by Lisa Stickey

This is Edith.  She's moving into a new room.

A STORY CAFE | Elmer by David McKee

We shared Elmer by David McKee at Story Cafe today.

We shared the story on the carpet - props included the book, and an original soft toy Elmer (it was given to my daughter when she was born).

BOOK REVIEW | May 17 | The Giant Jumperee

The Giant Jumperee by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury.

This is great.  And in my humble opinion an instant classic with all the right ingredients.  And of course, this we should expect, because it comes from the magical pen of Julia Donaldson, author of classics such as The Gruffalo and Stick Man.

Book Review | April 2017 | Fum

Fum by Karl Newson and Lucy Fleming.

This is a wonderfully nice take on the traditional tales genre.

Book Review | April 2017 | 123

123 A Ladybird Book.

This is the original Ladybird Numbers book, published in 1959, in a new edition for 2017.  The same beautiful illustrations by GW Robinson and the same "talk about" pages at the end, but in a large size hard back.

A Story Cafe | The Dot

We shared The Dot by Peter H Reynolds at Story Cafe today.

This was a fabulous choice.  It meant we could look at creativity.  Usually at Story Cafe we "make something from the story", but with The Dot, we could just get creative.  We shared the story on the carpet - props included the book, an old picture frame (I added a bulldog clip to the top so I could instantly frame my "art"), paper and a pen.  When we got to the bit where Vashti draws her first "dot", I drew my dot and then instantly framed it just like the teacher in the book.

Book Review | Under the love umbrella

This week I've been reading "Under the love umbrella" by Davina Bell and Allison Colpoys.

This brand new picture book is from the author / illustrator duo who brought us the award winning "The underwater fancy dress parade".  It is a story of love and diversity.  It reminds us that wherever we go in the world, the same people will always be there under our love umbrella, thinking of us, looking after us and comforting us when we need it.

Book Review | Edie by Sophy Henn

This is the second of Sophy Henn's books I have reviewed (the first being Pom Pom is Super - see the review here). I love the heavy paper pages, the muted colours, the retro style illustrations and the wonderful simple narrative.  The expression on Edie's face on the book cover makes the reader wonder where she is going and, frankly, what is she up to.  And the reader would be right to wonder, for Edie is up to everything!

Helping Dad with the shopping...

Tidying the house...

Doing Grandpa's hair...

And making the house look a bit more... something...

The facial expressions in the illustrations I have picked to illustrate by post show Sophy Henn's talent, too good to be true in the shopping image, really trying hard and persevering to shat that door in the tidying up image, and really thinking hard about Grandpa's new hairdo in the hairdressing image.  And even in the decorating the house image where we can't see her face, we are imagining what Edie is thinking.  I loved this story, and I'm sure we will be looking back on these in the years to come as classic children's picture books.

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[Thanks to the publishers Puffin for sending me these books]

Book Review | Hug this Book

Hug this Book by Barney Saltzberg and illustrated by Fred Bengalia.  This is another of those books that grabs me immediately because it has that retro feel of books from my childhood and before.  Except that this one is a brand new publication unlike the last two books I reviewed which really were reprints of old classics.

Hug this Book combines those charming retro feel illustrations with rhyming text to grab little listener's attention.  The illustrations on each page encourage the imagination to think about all the different places we can share books together and the things, sometimes strange, we can do with them.  Definitely one to make 3-4 year olds laugh out loud, this celebration of all things bookish will be as delightful to read aloud as it will be to listen to.

Perfect bedtime reading for young and old to share together, and plenty to talk about and imagine.

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[Thanks to the publishers Phaidon for sending me these books]